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WIN Time
On March 28th, your K/2 team here at Stinesville started participating in WIN time. WIN time is simply “What I Need” time. We sat down as a K/2 team and levelled each of the students based on the different skills that they need. The skills range from letter names and sounds all the way to 3rd grade passages with questions. Each classroom teacher has their own group that they work with. We also utilize the Instructional Assistants that are available at the time. With the combined effort, we have a total of 6 different groups. We will be continuously meeting as a team and assessing students to make sure that we are seeing individual growth and moving students within our groups so that they are making great strides. Aside from the more obvious “catching up” of different skills, we are also “pushing” students to go further. This helps make this time have a purpose for every student. We are all very excited to have this time built in to our daily schedule every day, except Wednesdays. Be sure to look at these pictures of some students in their groups.
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Harmony 3 Family Access
We are switching our current Harmony Parent/Student portal to the New Harmony 3 Family Access and all parents should have received an email with the link to log in, as well as instructions for the setup. If you have not yet setup the new Family Access, please do so as soon as possible because the old version will be turned off on March 17th.

One of the advantages of the new Harmony 3 Family Access is that it allows parents and students to have separate accounts with their own user names and passwords to access information as well as set notifications.  Because the accounts are separate, students will not be able to make changes to any of the settings made by parents.

In the new program you will be able to add all your students into one login and to see the following:

Progress Reports



Homework Agenda

Online Payments

Push Notification

The new site link is:

Harmony 3 Family Access

The link is also posted on the corporation as well as each building website.

We hope you enjoy the features of the new site.
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