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Our Mission
The parents, faculty, staff, and students of Stinesville Elementary srtive to create an educational environment that fosters love of learning, productivity, responsibility, and scholastic achievement. The faculty and staff aspire to develop life skills such as: compassion, leadership, pride, self-esteem, respect, and ethical decision-making.

We are convinced that:
  1. All students are entitled to equal opportunities for learning
  2. All students and parents need to be acively involved in the learning process
  3. All students need to learn social skills that promote cooperation
  4. All students need to value life-long learning
  5. All students need to learn positive guidelines that develop self-control and self-discipline
  6. All Students need a working knowledge of the writing process and math computation
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Our mission is to work in cooperation with the community and families to provide students with an education that promotes responsible citizenship and encourages problem solving and creativity.